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Volleyball passionates want to come out in the open

Maria-Raluca  Cojocaru (12C)

Raluca-Ioana  Chifu (12C)
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It’s a well-known fact that the teenagers from “Petru Rares” College are persevering and hard-working young people, not only regarding the subjects that are related to their profile, but also when it comes to sports. And this has been shown many a time in the sports competitions they have attended.

Sports-passionate people have shown their classmates that this class is also treated in a very serious way, for the purpose of taking part in as many contests as one can, and receiving the prizes they deserve.

About our high school’s basketball team everybody knows that it is a model to follow and has won quite a lot of prizes. Nevertheless, some colleagues have decided that we should not only be admired for our realties in this field, saying that volleyball is equally appreciated and competitive as the one above.

On the initiative of coach Relu Dumitrache, two teams have been formed, since the beginning of this school year. One is made out of girls while the other includes boys only. The members of the boys’ team are Catalin Caraza (11C), Alexandru Huzuna (11C), Adrian Sarbu (10B), Dragos Miron (10B), Claudiu Dascalescu (11E), Alexandru Cobzaru (12F), Andrei Nica (11E), Cristian Mladin (12B), Razvan Cusu (11A) and Teodor Cosofret (10E). The nine components of the girls’ team are Bianca Bofan (11C), Georgeta Bontas (10D), Cristina Amarghioalei (9D), Monica Asaftei (10E), Alexandra Macsim (9A), Sonia Mihaiasa (11E), Silvia Mihaiasa (10F), Olivia Dedita (9B) and Ioana Chifu (9B). They have all been training for the volleyball high school championship since November.

At the beginning of the month, on the 8-9th of February, the volleyball teams participated in the high school volleyball championship, playing many games with the volleyball teams of the Economic College, the “Calistrat Hogas” College and the “Gheorghe Cartianu” College.

Following this first competition, that has taken place in the gym of the “Calistrat Hogas” College, the girls’ team has obtained a nice IInd place, and the boys have obtained the IIIrd place. The players were pleased with the results, admitting that the only inconvenient had been the little amount of time they had to prepare.

“It was a disputed tournament, with interesting games. As we have just started preparing ourselves this year, we hope in obtaining better results in the competitions to come. We have seen the level of the other teams, but we trust that we are fit for the first places too. We only have to show it to you.” declared Alexandru Huzuna, member of our boys’ volleyball team.

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